Sunday, October 4, 2009

Water in Santa Fe

Yes, Virginia, there is water in Santa Fe. In today's copy of The New Mexican supplement, The Real Estate Guide, Frank Yardman III was interviewed. Frank is a realtor, builder and fourth-generation native. Frank was asked about the issue of water-supply in Santa Fe. Frank's answer was refreshingly honest, Frank said, "I think the State Engineer's Office and every body is involved and if there wasn't the water, we wouldn't have the growth. Santa Fe has always had plenty of water. How do we not have enough and Albuquerque does...?"

Now I'll admit that Frank's answer in unique in that most people, especially realtors will dance around this question.

When I started out in the new agent division at Santa Fe Properties, we were treated to some really great speakers who offered critical information about Santa Fe. One speaker was a former engineer from the State who outlined in great detail our aquifer and it's physical attributes.

I am certainly a proponent of conservation, but the fact is, we do have a healthy water supply. Where we have problems is with infrastructure and low-flush toilets will not solve that problem. The Indian School is one of the largest water users in Santa Fe and that is not because they use the water, it's because their pipes leak.

I lived in Northern California for three years. My 2,300 squre foot house was on a 100 x 50 lot. My water bill was $100 a month. Here in Santa Fe, I live on a little over an acre, within the city limits (city water) and I have about 1/2 of that under cultivation including a section of sod. My water bill is about $40 to $50 in the summer. I have 5-zones and I water three times a week, with each zone on for 45 minutes. I'm not promoting excessive growth, but I am maintaining my perennial borders which include fruit trees.

I have a friend who will take the pot of water she justed boiled potatoes in and use it to water her potted flowers (once it's cooled!). Wow. I applaud her and should we all do this--sure.