Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Golden Pax

Spirit Library has announced that Santa Fe has now or will shortly replace Sedona, Arizona, as the vortex capital of the world. It is said that "certain areas on the earth become specialized portals of prominence." The prediction is that Santa Fe will rise to the spiritual apex because the Sedona vortex spins in a counter clockwise direction while Santa Fe's vortex is starting a "dual vortexial spin" which is lighter and allows energy to rise up.

"...this vortexial PAX can allow a human seeker to of sufficient light quotient... proactively choose and more readily manifest the life and attributes desired..." Well, okay.

I tend to be somewhat scientific in my approach but I have found that there are overlapping disciplines when it comes to this type of prediction. I have often told clients that Santa Fe has a lot of wounded birds. People do come here to heal or to grow. And there is concrete data that New Mexico has healing energies.

The altitude in Santa Fe does promote red blood cell production which is why athletes train here. The thin atmosphere and 340 days of sunshine mean you soak up a lot of vitamin D and if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder this is your place. And then there is the connection to nature. There is a strong pull to wander the hills around Santa Fe or even just work in the garden.

So pilgrims, grab your spiritual nets, and head this way.