Monday, May 24, 2010

Gardening in Santa Fe

The night time temps are coming up and any danger of frost is now gone--which can only mean one thing: it's time to make my first foray to the local nursery's. I live north of town, so I start out at Payne's on Camino Alire. This is a large garden center with a nice selection of annuals for pots, tools and supplies.

From there, I head south on Agua Fria, where the Agua Fria Nursery is just around the corner. Bob is the proprietor there and he is a character. They have a nice sampling of annuals here but the real draw are the ratty perennials in the back. These plants have had it pretty rough, but when you get them home they will be so happy to have regular water and good soil that they will reward you with strong growth.

Further south of Agua Fria is Plants of the Southwest. This is a great nursery for "natives" and the place to buy seed. Petunias would be laughed off the premises.

From Agua Fria, I double back a half block, head up Siler Road to Rufina. Right on Rufina to Santa Fe Greenhouses. When I first moved here and stumbled upon Santa Fe Greenhouses, I cried with joy. There are two display gardens, both of which will take your breath away. I've since learned to come here for inspiration but I usually only buy a few things because this pretty place will cost you.

Next stop, south on Cerrillos Road to Newman's Nursery. Newman's is a sprawling nursery with five or six green houses of annuals and a huge selection of shrubs and trees. If you are looking for that perfect dwarf spruce to punctuate your garden, this a good place.

This is where I loop around and head north again. I know you'll be somewhat surprised, but my next stop is Jackalope. Jericho's is a very good nursery in Albuquerque and they have the franchise at Jackalope. They are a little skimpy on shrubs and perennials but what they have is nice and they have one green house full of annuals. I almost always come away with several flats.

At the corner of St. Michael's drive, I turn right and hit my last stop for the day, Payne's south. They are a sister store to Payne's on Camino Alire but they have a slightly different selection of bedding plants.

When I get home, am I too tired to start planting? Never.