Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Fe Garden Tours...

When I was visiting my mother in October, we made the trek to Charleston for a home and garden tour. I had no idea how spoiled I had become, touring homes and gardens in Santa Fe. Towards the end, I was so impatient, I asked the docent for the "abbreviated" version. My poor mother must have been mortified.

We have a number of awesome tours here run by a variety of organizations. They are all incredibly organized and worthwhile although a bit pricey. My favorite is actually the Builder's Association "Hacienda Tour" in August. And if you go with your realtor, it is free. It runs over the course of two weekends, with a twilight tour one evening in between. Builders sign on and plan for this event years in advance and include new homes as wells as older homes which have been renovated.

All the homes on the Hacienda Tour are professionally staged so the furnishings and decor are the best of the best. I always feel motivated to go home and do something to my house, paint, clean, etc.

And Santa Fe being the relaxed place that it is, the docents are there to be helpful and not to waste your time talking about a parking lot that used to be a church. Sorry Charleston!