Saturday, September 5, 2009

Religion and Spirtuality in Santa Fe

Yesterday morning, I was in line at Dunkin Donuts and I was behind an elderly Catholic Priest. The girl working the counter praised him for having a coupon. I've lived around the U.S., including both coasts, and frankly one is exposed to a lot of different religious factions here in Santa Fe. So here I am, my second blog, and I've decided to do a short summary of this diversity. If I've left anyone out, please do not hestitate to let me know.

So yes, with we do have a large Catholic community here. Some moderate, and some who bear crosses and make the annual trek to the church in Chimayo. The Cathedral is a beautiful, large and integral part of Plaza with access for devoted locals and travelers.

But there's some thing about Santa Fe, perhaps it's the lack of atmosphere, or the proximity to the heavens which attracts people from many other faiths.

There is the Buddist Temple on Airport road with it's golden dome. And the large population of arabs who are shopkeepers. Jews have a lot of choice here in Santa Fe--from Chabad to reform to some variations in between. The mormon's not only have a presence, they have a political leader (the Udall's are Mormon) and the Sikh's in Santa Fe own and run a couple of large successful businesses including the Chocolate Maven. And I can't leave out the Muslims who may be few in number but who do contribute to our community.

Add to this mix, the Methodist's (large church on Old Pecos), the Lutheran's (who have been known to generously share their church buildings with other religions that didn't have a place to worship) and the Episcopalians.

Maybe next week I'll tackle politics. Or maybe not.

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